What's my story?

I had been playing around with yoga on and off through out the years but I truly fell in love with my practice in 2006.  I first practiced Bikram and then found Vinyasa Flow.  I found yoga at a time when I was in a state of spiritual, mental and emotional turbulence.  Going deeper into the practice beyond the physical, I was able to reflect on and digest what was happening in my life.  I see everything we experience on the mat as a metaphor for life off the mat.  The way we approach challenges in our practice, including our attitudes and the ability to persevere, is directly reflective in how we handle adversity in our everyday lives.  Yoga has taught me patience, acceptance, the ability to find comfort in the uncomfortable and a deep love and respect for myself as I am.
It is my hope as a yoga teacher to guide students to find a deep connection and appreciation for their bodies and a sense of peace and calm.  When we feel connected within, we naturally feel more vibrant and available to the people and the world around us.  I want students to feel safe to explore themselves from the inside out, to try something scary, to realize they are stronger than they think and hopefully be able to grin ear to ear and bliss out.
I completed my 200 hour teacher training at CuraYoga in Houston under Jennifer Buergermeister and Lidieth Macicek.  I have taken classes and workshops under the guidance of Seane Corn, John Friend, Rusty Wells, Richard Freeman, Sadie Nardini, Sierra Bender, Amy Ippoliti and Les Leventhal though I find teachers and teachable moments every where.
In my classes be prepared to be challenged, get sweaty and defy gravity...all to the soundtrack of lively, funky inspiring music and a little laughter.      

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